Internships at EU institutions – it’s cool!

          At actual time, internships in EU institutions are gaining great popularity. Since such an internship can become a reliable basis for future success. During the internship, a graduate can learn new skills and a new specialty, and thereby increase his value. According to many company executives, young people with even little work experience are much more valuable than inexperienced university graduates. An internship increases the opportunity to get a position in the desired industry, especially if you have experience working in EU institutions behind you.

          In order to provide young people with academic and practical services, in the matter of improving their chances of obtaining a prestigious job or necessary employment in their homeland, the Brussels Academy of Justice (Junibrux) organizes an individual set of graduate students, students and university graduates for internships in EU institutions, in particular, in The European Parliament, the European Commission, the Council of Europe, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. For graduate students, students and university graduates, internship programs have been developed on the topic: “Eastern Partnership in European Neighborhood Policy and European Union institutions and their activities.

          Our students are incredibly lucky, because they have a chance to practice in their specialty in countries with a higher standard of living, where you can “catch on” and develop useful contacts in the future. As bonuses, we offer young professionals other interesting programs, additional courses, visa support, etc.

          At the end of the internship, the student receives an appropriate certificate. Our program helps talented students gain experience working on real projects. Thanks to the internship, you can determine your future profession and begin development already at the university. At the internship, from the first day you immerse yourself in the business and begin the professional path.

Why do you need an internship at European institutes?

          Internships for graduates, graduate students, and students abroad (especially in European institutions) open up incredibly attractive prospects for young specialists. Many companies see special advantages in hiring young specialists after an internship at EU institutions. Internships in EU institutions give graduate students, students and university graduates the following benefits:

  • Primary professional experience;
  • The opportunity to try yourself in the chosen specialty at the international level;
  • Acquire invaluable experience in multinational companies;
  • The opportunity to obtain further employment;
  • The opportunity to get excellent performance from a foreign university;
  • The acquisition of not only professional, but also household knowledge, impressions, skills of living   in another country;
  • Learn a foreign language at the native level or just practice;
  • Familiarity with the mentality of the people of the country in which the internships take place.

Requirements for candidates

Graduates and senior students who own English skills at the level of Upper-Intermediate and above, have excellent PC skills (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint), have a high level of motivation and a desire to start a career in professional services. High level of analytical thinking, office work skills.

The interview is the final stage of admission to the internship.

Stages of selection.

Acceptance of applications:

  • Apply for Educational module
  • Interview with a specialist in the personnel department, which will help the candidate determine the appropriate direction of the internship.
  • Interview with the manager of the selected committee, which will check professional knowledge and talk about future functions.

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